League Of Legends Fighting Game Project L Teased With New Trailer

League of Legends Project L

Riot Games introduced a number of new projects to the gaming audience in celebration of League of Legends’ 10 year anniversary. One of the new projects happens to be a 3D fighting game dubbed Project L for now. Riot released a teaser for the game with a quick look at a few of the characters and some of their moves.

The game is a really, really long ways away from release, but the developers wanted to give gamers a small taste of what they’re working on. So far they only showcased three of the incomplete characters that will appear the game, including the foxy-tailed Ahri, the armor-clad Garen, and the gun-wielding Jinx.

You can check out the developer diary and some brief moments of gameplay in the video below.

Visually it retains a very similar art-style to the isometric MOBA it’s based on, only it’s zoomed in and using the 2D-style fighting system popularized by games like Street Fighter and King of Fighters.

It’s really almost impossible to judge the quality of the game based on a couple of seconds snipped from a pre-alpha build of the game. All we see are a few combos and a special.

We don’t know how technical you can get with the neutrals, whether or not there will be custom combo, aerial technicals, or counter-grabs. All we know is that it will feature some of the cast of characters from the MOBA.

Obviously they will have many of their skills turned into special maneuvers that can be executed in conjunction with typical fighting game motifs.

Again, it’s too early to say if this will be anything noteworthy or not. For sure, it looks better than their generic looking hero shooter.

In any case, the team working on the fighting game are going dark for a while so we won’t hear about this new project likely until some time in 2020.

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