Marvel’s Avengers Character Video Reveals Bad Frame-Rate And Finishers

If it’s not fugly female characters, cheap knock-off MCU look-alikes, or current year degeneracy with Marvel’s Avengers, then it’s bad frame-rate issues. Joining frame problems comes character finishers that will appear in the action-adventure game due to hit PC, PS4, and Xbox One next year.

According to website, folks wanting to put themselves through Marvel’s Avengers’ main story can expect to run through it in about 10 – 12 hours.

I’m pretty sure you can run through the linear experience that is Marvel’s Avengers quicker, but if you want to explore everything that the action-adventure title has to offer, then expect around 30 hours of playtime.

Well, it looks like if you put yourself through this game to see what it has to offer from beginning to end, it might take you a bit longer due to bad frame drops. Throughout the following video depicts frames dropping harder than both Control and Anthem’s sales.

As a side note, the publication outlet known as IGN did not edit anything with the following character video besides stringing all six together. The trailer only shows each finisher from each hero, which includes Black Widow, Captian America, the Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, and the most recent notorious reveal Kamala Khan:

I should note that Ant-Man is in the game, too. However, I’m sure we’ll see more of him later, but right now, the devs are trying to make sure that they get those woke points in with the recent Kamala Khan reveal.

So with all of that said, the devs behind the action-adventure title have seven months to go to fix the game’s frame-rate issues. However, If you ask me, I’d say the frame-rate isn’t the only thing that needs fixing if the characters are any indication.

Anyway, if this game looks interesting to you for some reason, then you have until May 15th, 2020, before it hits PC, PS4, and Xbox One.