Mixer Co-Founder James Boehm Announces Departure From Microsoft To Help With Gamer Hand Lotion

If you don’t know who James Boehm is, he’s the guy that once was the co-founder of Mixer and was once the Chief Operating Officer for Beam (the early version of Mixer). Boehm worked for Microsoft for five years and is now leaving the tech giant after recently joining the board of directors for a gamer-focused hand lotion company called “GamerGoo.”

For context, Boehm co-founded what would later become Mixer (Beam) back in 2014. Fast-forward by two years (2016), and Microsoft acquired the company and billed it as the service that we know today: Mixer.

Not too long ago Microsoft pledged to stamp out toxicity, utilize a new streamer review program to ensure that not just anyone can register an account and begin streaming, and new moderation tools to reduce toxic communities.

Well, it looks like Microsoft will be stamping out the boogyman that is “toxicity” without the GamerGoo man himself, Boehm, moving forward.

According to a string of tweets on his Twitter account, Boehm relays the following information:

Despite sitting as one of the board directors for GamerGoo, Boehm doesn’t offer what his followers can expect next. He does tease that his focus is on “new projects,” while aiming to continue the “development” of the games industry.

One thing is for sure, though, if Boehm continues down the route of the strange hand lotion that is GamerGoo, he likely will earn big money given that Teakwood is selling like crazy according to today’s update: