Nexon Shutting Down Durango December 18th

Nexon and What! Studio have announced that the MMO dinosaur game, Durango, will be sunset later this year starting December 18th, 2019. They’ve already closed up the cash shop and cut off the in-app purchases as of October 16th, 2019.

MassivelyOp picked up the news from a Facebook post made on October 15th, 2019 by the What! Studio executive producer Eunseok Yi, as well as producer Seungmyeong Yang, who both rolled out the heartbreaking update that Durango would be shutting down soon.

They wrote…

“ We are Eunseok Yi (Executive Producer of What!Studio) and Seungmyeong Yang (Producer of Durango: Wild Lands). We have prepared this note to represent our development team and all those involved. It is with our heavy hearts that we inform you of our grim news on this developer’s note.


“After Durango: Wild Lands was released, our pioneers have turned the wild lands into a new world. Vacant islands became flourishing cities, and lands of nothing became homes, farms, and shelters to many pioneers.


“To put it bluntly, we have decided to end the service of Durango: Wild Lands. It seems we have reached our final destination in the wild lands that we have explored together. We would like to apologize and show our gratitude through this note.”

They would go on to talk about some of the new content and fixes they’re implementing into the game in preparation of the service termination.

A follow-up post would lay out more of the pedantic details of Durango’s end during the late evening of October 16th.

It reveals that after October 16th all in-app purchases will no longer be available for purchase and that after December 18th the game will no longer be available for download and the service will close, along with the forums.

Durango originally came out way back in December of 2016, and had a short three-year run as a mobile MMO.

As pointed out by MassivelyOp, Durango is the latest in a series of closures by Nexon, including Peria Chronicles and Riders of Icarus. Two of their Western offices also closed, and some staff were laid off back in 2018 as the company struggles during these financially dire times.

Back in June of 2019 it was reported that Nexon was looking for buyers, but no interested parties stepped forward. In turn, the company invested in Patrick Soderlund’s new studio, but it remains to be seen how that investment will turn out.

What we do know for sure is that Durango won’t be part of Nexon’s portfolio moving forward as it closes up shop this December.

(Thanks for the news tip Richard Pell)


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