OMON Simulator Requires Gamers To Beat Up Protestors And Race Around The City
OMON Simulator

Even though Valve says they’re against games that are “straight-up trolling”, they didn’t seem to have any qualms about allowing Ukrainian Bears, Hideo Milos, United Natsion, and Putin The Best’s OMON Simulator onto Steam.

The asset-flipped, 3D meme-game sees players donning the role as a special protection unit called OMON. Your objective is to protect the politicians, break up rallies, disperse crowds, beat-up protestors, and race municipal vehicles down the street against three other friends.

If this sounds like something that comes out of the 2008 era of 4chan before they became cuckolds for the Cultural Communists, then you wouldn’t be alone.

You can check out the gameplay trailer for OMON Simulator below to get an idea of what the gameplay is like.

The hit-detection is awful, the animations are stiff, and the vehicle physics are very floaty. It’s amazing to me that Valve let this slide through and onto the store without any protest whatsoever. I also still don’t see how this isn’t a troll game, especially when Girls’ Deadly School was banned for being a “troll game” even though it contained no memes and was a straightforward third-person, rogue-lite shooter.

Apparently someone at Valve really likes Putin.

Anyway, in addition to patrolling the protest areas and subduing wrongdoers, you can also team up with a total of nine other players in the online multiplayer mode to engage in some co-op antics. Alternatively you can race the police vehicles around the streets in a four-player race mode.

None of that makes any sense, but I don’t think sensibility was on the developer’s checklist when they were designing the game.

In any case, OMON Simulator is only $0.99 and it’s 40% off during the first week of release over on the Steam store, so you can get it for just $0.59.

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