Postal 4: No Regerts Enters Early Access On Steam

Postal 4

Running With Scissors announced that the irreverent first-person shooter, Postal 4: No Regrets, has entered into Early Access on the Steam store for $19.99. During the first week of release the game is marked down by 10% off the normal price for only $17.99.

If you’ve grown tired of all these ridiculously boring, cookie-cutter AAA experiences that are as politically correct and boring as a Sunday morning Mormon bachelorette party, then Postal 4 will probably be a much needed breath of fresh air away from the cadre of cornball shooters that pretend to be edgy but are more tame than circus elephant.

If you need a glimpse into what sort of tragically funny hijinks you can get up to in Postal 4, the Early Access launch trailer below should provide you with a decent enough idea of what to expect.

The story follows the Postal Dude (voiced by Duke Nukem’s John St. John) and his companion Champ after the cataclysmic events of the previous game. After getting robbed and being left with nothing but a bathroom, the Postal Dude happens upon a time ripe for unbridled violence and unintended debauchery called Edensin.

You’ll be able to freely roam around the sandbox environment to explore Edensin, unearth its secrets, kill the residents, and pee in toilets… but maybe not all in that order.

There’s a bevy of strange and traditional weapons, from killer animals to dual-wielding shotguns and just about everything else in between, from shovels to machetes to pigeon mines to silenced cats. You’ll also be able to utilize pacifist routes in the game, confronting foes without killing them via non-lethal means… if you so desire.

Physics-based weaponry and objects are also present. You can use gasoline to line the streets with flammable material and then set it on fire, or grab objects and stack them to reach new areas.

There appears to be a smorgasbord of options to utilize throughout your journey through Edensin. They don’t give an exact time frame on how long it will take to finish the Early Access run, but you can follow the progress via a developmental roadmap over on Trello.

If you’re not keen on Early Access then it might be best to wishlist the game and then wait for the final version to release.

Hopefully there are some potshots in there taken at the expense of game journalists to get them to “rheee” and whine like they did over grave-pissing antics in Postal 2.

(Thanks for the news tip WhiteGuitarBoy)