Project 0d1n, 2.5D First-Person Shooter’s Development Is Still Active

Even though Steam Greenlight is as dead as a Harambe meme, games from it are still surfacing, and at times nearing completion. One of those games happens to be the 2.5D first-person shooter Project 0d1n — a throwback to classic 1990s action movies and video games.

If you want to play a hard-boiled man that served and wishes to do his 9-to-5 job in peace but has to face-off against terrorists to protect his country, then publisher and developer Exquisitor42 has you covered with Project 0d1n.

Powered by Unreal Engine 4, Project 0d1n sees a bitter ex-marine from the NAVY take up a job as a security guard. In the warehouse of the governmental Space Science Research Center (SSRC), a tragic terrorist attack unfolds on Christmas day.

In addition to the story, the unknown terrorists attack the headquarters with a dangerous type of gas to neutralize all staff, but after some time, the ex-marine suddenly awakens, and now every single terrorist must pay on Christmas day.

Project 0d1n’s older gameplay footage (Greenlight trailer) sits below for your viewing pleasure:

Not too long ago, Exquisitor42 released a video teasing that — as of 2019 — the terrorist banger is still in development and hasn’t been killed off. It will one day release for PC via Steam.

The teaser trailer in question reveals a new weapon, new areas, new mechanics, new enemies such as jumping ninjas, new gun graphics, and what looks to be a boss fight that includes a helicopter chasing down the hero of this story.

You can check the above out right here thanks to Сергей Иванов‘s YouTube channel:

“Project 0D1N is a homage to action movies of the 90’s about a former marine working as a security guard in one of the skyscrapers that is being attacked by terrorists. It will definitely include cliched elements: massive skirmishes, crawling in ventilation shaft, exaggerated VFX, searching “keys” in labyrinths of levels, “epic” action scripted scenes, a variety of enemies (armored machine gunners, ninja), battle with a combat helicopter in the finale, etc.”

Back in 2018, Exquisitor42 wanted blood, dual-wielding weapons, Kung-Fu, and Gun Kata tricks in Project 0d1n. We’ll see if any of those things will turn up later this year or sometime in 2020.

Lastly, the upcoming Steam game has no release date, but it’s set to hit PC one day.

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