Retro Studios Scoops Up Halo Character Modeler To Help With Metroid Prime 4

Well, it looks like someone that worked on Halo is now moving over to the house of Metroid to help out with Metroid Prime 4. Yes, Retro Studios is reported to have hired Halo character modeler, Kyle Hefley, as the new lead artist.

The last time Metroid Prime 4 news popped up was late January of this year in that Shinya Takahashi took to a video to announce that the upcoming game’s development had been restarted and Retro Studios — the ones who worked on the original series — is helping out this time around.

Back on January 25th, 2019, the Senior Management Executive Officer announced that Metroid Prime 4 for the Nintendo Switch in its current state of development is “very challenged.”

The solution to reverse this “very challenged” development, Takahashi announced the difficult decision that the team must re-examine the structure along with producer Kensuke Tanabe to “restart development from the beginning” to bring forth “the highest quality game.”

To fulfill a quality product, Retro Studios snagged Hefley according to website In case you are thinking, “Who is Hefly, and what has he done?” Well, his previous work spans from Call of Duty: Black Ops, Sleeping Dogs, Halo 4, and Halo 5.

The website also provided artwork that Hefley has under his belt, which you can check out right here:


It’s also worth noting that some of those images are also from website The publication site in question also shares info on Retro Studios’ job listings and how the company is still in the process of looking for heads to fill the studio.

Current roles that are still open at Retro Studios consist of an Art Director, Lead Graphics Engineer, Senior Material Artist, Senior Designer, Environment Designer, Lead Engineer, and an IT Manager.

As it stands now, Metroid Prime 4 is due out for the Switch and has no release date.

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