Shenmue 3 Has Gone Gold According To New Report

Shenmue has faced many delays and along the way sparked controversy with its Epic Games Store partnership, which shafts Steam players in that they must wait an entire year before going hands-on with Ryo Hazuki and his next adventure. Well, as it stands now, the game’s development seems to be in the clear given that it has gone gold according to a new report.

In case you don’t know what going “gold” means, basically it is a term to relay to the public that a product is ready for mass-production and that development shouldn’t face delays moving forward. Also, it’s a phase to fix things like kinks and bugs — if the development team cares enough.

In addition to the above, Control had gone gold on July 24th, 2019, and that game had performance issues like its current sales. Furthermore, No Man’s Sky had gone gold back on July 7th, 2016, and we all know how that game went over when it hit PC and PS4 that year.

In other words, going gold means absolutely nothing when the ones over the game in question are incompetent or  the product is rushed.

With all of that said, the abovementioned brings us to website, which details a forum member talking with a dev regarding Shenmue 3 going gold.

The website relays that the post on Shenmue fansite sees a user able to get in touch with an official from the Ys Net community team where the latter individual confirms to the former that the game is now gold in “development terms.”

Anyway, we’ll see if YS Net and Deep Silver offer an official Kickstarter update for the gold announcement or if they’ll stay quiet. However, what is certain is that November 19th, 2019, is the game’s due date for PC via the Epic Games Store and PS4.


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