TeamSpeak Sending Out Beta Invites For New And Improved Voice Chat

A blast from the past is making a return to form, with the all new TeamSpeak set to launch soon. Ahead of the official roll out, the service administrators have been beta testing the free voice chatting service by sending out invites to select members of the gaming community.

If you were interested in participating in the beta, you can actually check the Twitter feed to see if you’re eligible for being part of the new TeamSpeak beta test.

So what makes the new TeamSpeak any different than the old TeamSpeak? Well, it’s going to offer users free servers, more privacy, global chat options, and hooked in support for most major games.

They roll through the basics in a snappy 50 second trailer you can check out below.

They’re keeping the TeamSpeak 3 client around, but the focus will be on maintaining the new TeamSpeak services, which will basically operate a lot like Discord, but hopefully without all the admins being tyrannical furries.

One of the new features for the service will be the plug and play client plugins, which will allow users to make use of a server plugin SDK to create their very own customized plugins that can be shared with others via the new Plugin Store.

And keeping in line with the streamlined versatility of today’s mobile-oriented user interfaces, you’ll have the option to make use of a full-window client or a slim version of the client.

They’re also promising privacy options for users, with the ability to private message others, establish group party chats, or host public rooms for everyone. Hopefully they stay true to this without compromising usability or user privacy to make a quick buck like so many other big tech companies out there.

If you’re interested in the new TeamSpeak client and would like to be part of the beta, feel free to visit the official TeamSpeak website.

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