The Outer Worlds Reportedly Takes Around 15-Hours To Beat

According to a new report, we learn that Private Division and Obsidian Entertainment’s latest work, The Outer Worlds, only takes 15 hours to beat if you want to see the campaign through to the end. Although that number pales in compared to some double-A and triple-A RPGs, hardcore explorers might find more juice out of the game.

The Epic Games Store timed exclusive that is The Outer Worlds (which will also land on PS4, and Xbox One) has a new report on it describing two lengths that choice-based RPG goers can expect to see at launch.

Website GameRant claims that gamers looking to get to the end can expect a meager 15 hours of story, which means the game essentially can be beaten in one day of hardcore grinding.

The second choice sees completionists or people that prefer to explore every side-quest playing in the fictional realm that is Halcyon for around 40 hours, which is almost triple the campaign time.

Of course, depending on how fast you move and what you decide to do will increase the initial story and playtime that you have with The Outer Worlds, but if you want to gun-it or see everything thing, then 15 and 40 hours are your expected lengths to consider.

Moreover, if you are looking for a choice-based RPG that sees your actions determining the fate of everyone within a strange world with tacked-on exploration and the like, then you might enjoy what Private Division and Obsidian Entertainment have in store in the next few days.

Lastly, the quirky sci-fi game will debut on home consoles such as PS4, and Xbox One on October 25th, 2019, which is the same date as the Epic Game Store launch date. Steam users will have to wait a full year before going hands-on with Obsidian’s work while Switch users are left in the dark.

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