Tokyo Dark, Horror Adventure Game Arrives On Nintendo Switch Nov 7th

Tokyo Dark

Unties Games, Cherrymochi and Mebius announced that the horror-adventure game with visual novel style storytelling will make its way to the Nintendo Switch starting November 7th. The game is also expected to arrive on the PlayStation 4 at some point during the fourth quarter of 2019.

Tokyo Dark originally came out back in 2017 on Steam for PC, and it was originally supposed to release on PS4 and the Switch back during the winter of 2018 but it appears as if the game hit some delays.

The game follows detective Itō Ayami who is battling against a severe case of trauma after her partner goes missing. Between haunting dreams and a steady decline of her mental health while losing a grip on reality, players must help Ayami navigate the night life of Tokyo, interrogating suspects and solving puzzles using classic point-and-click mechanics.

The game scored well among critics and real gamers alike, with people easily becoming entranced with the game’s haunting atmosphere, Clock Tower-inspired travel mechanics, and the visual novel style interaction system.

What’s more is that your decisions actually matter, and depending on how you handle certain situations will determine which of the 11 endings you’ll unlock. The choices are a lot more subtle than what you might think. For instance, taking too long to solve a puzzle might affect an outcome, just the same as making a decision that alters the fate of a character might change another outcome. Everything you do contributes to the ever-changing, ever-flowing narrative of Tokyo Dark.

I’m not entirely sure why there was such a huge delay in releasing on home consoles, but the Switch version will arrive first with the PS4 version coming later.

Tokyo Dark – Rembrance will be available starting November 7th for $19.99. Pre-orders will go live on October 31st. There will be options to play the game with English or German text options and full Japanese voiceovers.

For more info feel free to visit the official website.

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