Volition Announces Lost Saints Row 2 Source Code Found, Major Update in Development

It’s no secret that the PC port of Saints Row 2 is a broken, buggy mess that even mods can barely improve. For years this has simply been the reality the PC community has had to accept. That the phenomenal game that went toe-to-toe with Grand Theft Auto 4 and made the series famous was simply never going to have a good PC port. Until now that is.

During the Saints Row 2 11th Anniversary Stream Volition announced that the lost source code for Saints Row 2 had been finally located and work had begun on an overhaul patch. The upcoming free patch will replace the long abandoned Gamespy DRM system with Steamworks DRM system. Beyond the much desired improvement there will come a bevy of bug fixes and performance improvements. All previously exclusive Xbox 360 DLC whose files partially exist in the game already will finally see their PC debut.

Saints Row 2 is the title that made the Saints Row series more than a mere knockoff of Grand Theft Auto the original was panned for being. It partnered a dark, mature narrative with more over-the-top nonsensical yet grounded moments and mechanics to create a unique atmosphere that drew in millions of players tired of the overly serious nature of Grand Theft Auto 4. Future iterations of the series would abandon the grounded combination of dark and humorous for  “LoL what” and “look at how zany this is” vibes as the lead developer for 3 onward did not like the dark vibe of the original two games.

Moments of grounded brevity contrasted perfectly with the darker narrative of the game to heighten them both. Moments where you dumped sewage on buildings to lower property values were made funnier after watching a friend hold his dying wife in his hands. Characters in Saints Row 2 weren’t invincible nor was this way a life a joke to them. The Saints were a home for them and it meant something, which made it mean something to you as you customized and rebuilt your criminal empire following a 5 year coma.

The insane levels of customization made the world feel personal. Some MMOs fail to rival the depth of character item personalization and uniqueness you could bring to your character. Your cribs were a reflection of your growing power and your sweet strip club became the ultimate place to chill in-between missions. Then the innumerable small mechanics made the world come alive in ways future iterations of the series failed to match.

Soon PC gamers will be able to experience the full scope of what many, myself included, dub the best Saints Row game as Volition develops the teased next entry in the Saints Row series.


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