Warren Spector Says System Shock 3 Devs Are Pushing for AAA Quality For AA Price

Whether you are a fan of the original 1994 System Shock or the 1999 sequel, System Shock 3 is currently being worked on under the development hood. Speaking of development, System Shock creator Warren Spector says that the team is hoping to make the third installment an AAA experience with an AA price tag.

Before jumping into the whole news regarding the quality and price tag that System Shock 3 will reportedly rock, here’s pre-alpha footage bundled up in a thing called a trailer courtesy of OtherSide Entertainment:

Now that you are caught up on all things System Shock 3, publication site gamingbolt.com picked up on an interview that GameSpot (archive.org) had with Warren Spector regarding a myriad of things.

When the latter publication site got on the topic of development, Spector offered his semi-overwhelmed state of being on the project given the history behind said franchise, the budget, and scope of System Shock 3:

“I feel more pressure on this project than I think I have on any other. Even working with Mickey Mouse, I knew we could do the job, and I knew we had the budget and the team to live up to people’s expectations. Here, we really are in this sort of ‘AA’ space, not the AAA space.”

Looking on the other side, Spector and Paul Neurath made a conscious decision that they had already been down the road of AAA many times and wish to do something smaller:

“Paul Neurath, my partner, and I made a conscious decision that we’d already been down that road of AAA, many times and wanted to do something smaller. But I think the AAA expectations are still there.”

Despite not having the budget of a AAA game to boot, Spector and crew decided to go all out on it being a AAA experience with a $19.99 through $29.99 price tag:

“I think if you ask my team, I think you’d hear that I’m pushing them pretty hard for AAA quality at the AA price tag.”

All in all, the game that is the third installment in the series is striving to deliver a quality experience with a lower price point. However, the devs note that the pressure is on trying to follow up on the classics:

“There are expectations with the scope of the game and the legacy of the original games. So yeah, there’s some pressure.”

Lastly, System Shock 3 is set to release for PC and home consoles, but the forthcoming game does not have an estimated release date as of this writing.


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