American Fugitive: State Of Emergency Free DLC Update Adds Tanks, Mini-Guns, Jeeps

American Fugitive

Curve Digital and Fallen Tree Games announced that American Fugitive will receive some brand new DLC along with a free update for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch gamers. The DLC is expected to go live on November 25th.

The DLC is themed around the small Redrock County going into a state of emergency following the events of the original game. The National Guard sets up an operating base out of a toy factory and begins to go to war with the criminals running amok in Redrock.

The new DLC offers all new missions, weapons, vehicles, and content for players to explore, as outlined in the trailer below.

As depicted in the trailer, you’ll gain access to military vehicles, including tanks and jeeps, along with new weapons such as mini-guns and rocket launchers, and three new achievements, three new songs, and 10 all new challenges.

The game also introduces a new six-star challenge.

American Fugitive is about a wrongly accused man who was sent to prison. He makes a daring escape in order to clear his name, hunt down the men responsible, and dodge the law while he’s at it.

Unlike other open-world sandbox games, American Fugitive is set in the rural countryside of America during the 1980s. So it offers gamers a very unique aesthetic and perspective of life during that time. The game is isometric but you can still shoot, run, stealth, and steal cars just like in Grand Theft Auto. In fact, American Fugitive is very much designed akin to the first two GTA games from DMA Digital and God Games from way back in the late 1990s.

You can grab a digital copy of American Fugitive right now, or wait for the free update and get the American Fugitive: State of Emergency DLC bundled in with the main game. The update will be available for home consoles and PC. Need more info? Check out the official website.

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