Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Battle Pass Will Launch In December According To Activision

Activision took to a recent quarterly earnings call to elaborate to investors what’s to come. The FPS title that’s no stranger to controversy, best known as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, comes up during the call and is said to feature a Battle Pass system sometime this year’s December without “impacting gameplay.”

All beforehand, that is before Modern Warfare 2019 hit the scene, both Activision and Infinity Ward made sure to yell that no “pay-to-win” content would wind up in the first-person shooter to save face.

The duo behind the annual series also shouted at the top of their lungs at any given chance that a $59.99 Season Pass would not be present during Modern Warfare’s life cycle and that something else was planned.

That “something else” is something that Fortnite knows all too well, and that is a Battle Pass system. According to the quarterly earnings call as per, the Battle Pass system has faced a delay:

“[…] We will support other key franchise with a stream of content, services, events, and features. This includes our new in-game system for Modern Warfare, which begins in December, slightly later than originally planned.”

For those curious what type of content will release in December is reportedly nothing that will give players an advantage or upper hand over others:

“All functional content that has an impact on game balance, such as base weapons and attachments, can be unlocked simply by playing the game.”

The above notice during the earnings call should remind you of a post on (back in October) covering the removal of a Season Pass and paid DLC multiplayer map packs to ensure everyone can play together.

In addition to the blog post, free post-launch multiplayer maps and modes will be a thing as well as releasing post-launch content simultaneously on all platforms.

In case you are unaware, Call of Duty Points will be used to buy the Premium Battle Pass in Modern Warfare. Also, these points might be used for other things since Activision announced during the call that Infinity Ward has “substantial plans” for post-launch content for the first-person shooter.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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