Chase, American Express Deplatform Dick Masterson
Dick Masterson Chase

Dick Masterson has been deplatformed and banned by Chase Bank and American Express. The news came via a series of tweets from the comedian who publicly outed the Communistic-themed censorship being applied by American capitalists.

Masterson revealed his banishment from the banking establishments over the course of two tweets.

These kind of deplatforming antics spawn back to the “Operation Choke Point” initiative that started under Obama’s Presidency and has continued on during Trump’s reign as President of the United States. It affords the FDIC carte blanche to basically scrub businesses out of credibility for financial support. In plain terms, they can make it where you’re blacklisted from the American banking institution.

Several politicians have tried to get it all shut down, but the bills that attempted to close up Operation Choke Point for good had to pass through a legislative committee ran by former members of the FDIC, and so the bills never passed, and the people in charge of deplatforming continue to do so to this day. Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer has reintroduced a bill back in January, 2019 to get Choke Point shut down for good, as noted on his official government website, but he still hasn’t been able to get Choke Point shut down for good.

Masterson managed to salvage the situation, though, and joked about a user not sending a belated birthday image to his new bank after he was financially cock-blocked by Chase.

Masterson also recently appeared on a livestream with Mister Metokur, Dame Pesos, and Ethan Ralph as part of The Ralph Retort’s Killstream on November 1st, 2019.

You can check out the full stream over on The Ralph Retort’s channel.

There’s also a backup of the Killstream that you can check out, which covers what Masterson talked about during following the deplatforming.

Masterson also spoke about the censorship on the Revenge of the Cis show, which you can check out below.

Keep in mind that even though some content creators who have been deplatformed have managed to bounce back or find alternatives, not everyone is so lucky.

Chase and MasterCard have been especially cruel, going after the leader of the Proud Boys by deplatforming him, as well as the creator of the Lady Alchemy comic book, who was also deplatformed by Chase Bank.

This kind of censorship isn’t going to end here, and you can expect it to keep ratcheting up leading into the 2020 elections as dissenters and opposition to the Establishment will continue to be targeted by the Cultural Communists.

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(Main image courtesy of They Call me Ralph)


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