CrossFireX Attempts To Copy Counter-Strike, But With Destructible Props And Tanks

It looks like the Xbox One will have an exclusive on-hand come 2020, and that is CrossFireX. The game in question once released back on PC in 2007 as CrossFire, and now, CrossFireX is going to be available soon for those that enjoy playing on the family of Xbox consoles.

The FPS game unabashedly takes cues from the popular Counter-Strike series in that fast-paced guns-a-blazing action is a thing, coupled with quick-scope tactics. In other words, it’s the type of game that calls for the comical Gamer Goo to calm down those sweaty hands.

Behold, the first trailer for CrossFireX had people under the impression that this upcoming military shooter would follow the footsteps of Battlefield in terms of the cityscape shown, modern vehicles, CQC scenes, underwater swimming along with the full-on destructible building as seen below:

Nevertheless, gamers thinking that they would see a real successor to the Battlefield series, unlike that shooter game that identifies as Battlefield V, were jebaited.

Like its early predecessor that released in 2007, CrossFireX isn’t anything like Battlefield or its E3 2019 CGI trailer. Instead, the game is much more akin to Counter-Strike according to the latest gameplay video shown at X019:

“In 2020, CrossfireX delivers its wide variety of high-quality FPS experiences as this PC legend comes to Xbox consoles, all Free to Play. Get your first look at the “Black Widow” gameplay teaser trailer now and stand by for much more to come!”

For those wondering, Xbox Game Studios is the publisher, and Smilegate and Remedy Entertainment (yeah, the ones that made the mess that is Control) are behind this 2020-due first-person shooter game.

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