Famitsu Reveals Top Sales For November 24th, 2019

Not too long ago, we covered the UK charts and what games are trending over there as of November 23rd, 2019. Well, the folks over in Japan have their own charts named Famitsu, and it looks like the top three games are Pokémon Sword and Shield, Ring Fit Adventure, and Luigi’s Mansion 3.

If you want to look over the top ten games on Famitus’s sales chart and what games are heading up the list for the week ending November 24th, 2019, you can simply head on over to famitsu.com to learn more.

With all of that said, the Switch exclusive known as Pokémon Sword and Shield managed to pull in 382,540 units. Other games like Ring Fit Adventure has 26,141 units under its belt, while Luigi’s Mansion 3 has 23,872 units to show for as of November 18th to November 24th, 2019.

The other games that made it on the list consist of Shenmue 3 accounting for 17,857 units, while Death Stranding carried 12,520 more to its lifetime sales, whereas Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order pulled in 10,321 units.

Anyway, you can look over the full list right here, but I should note that the platform is displayed first, the title comes second, while the first number reflects software sales and the numbers after that to the far right are accumulated lifetime sales:

  1. [Switch] Pokémon Sword and Shield – 382,540 (1,747,084)
  2. [Switch] Ring Fit Adventure – 26,141 (290,081)
  3. [Switch] Luigi’s Mansion 3 – 23,872 (258,919)
  4. [PS4] Shenmue 3 – 17,857 (New)
  5. [PS4] Death Stranding – 12,520 (235,811)
  6. [PS4] Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – 10,321 (37,082)
  7. [Switch] Mario & Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games – 8,826 (51,582)
  8. [Switch] Super Mario Party – 8,576 (1,154,354)
  9. [Switch] Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition – 8,512 (1,011,672)
  10. [Switch] Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – 7,360 (2,533,458)

Over on the UK charts via ukie.org.uk, we see that Shenmue 3 didn’t rank too well and holds the 17th spot. As of now, mixed responses are coming from people saying that they either like the game or hate it, but we’ll see how it fairs on the U.S. charts via the updated November NPD Charts.

As it stands now, Pokémon Sword and Shield are always in the top three across various sales charts indicating that the controversial games are doing better than some may have hoped.