Freedom Planet 2 Videos Preview Item Store, Upgrades, Adventure Mode
Freedom Planet 2

GalaxyTrail revealed that a limited number of physical copies of Freedom Planet is currently available at participating Best Buy stores. So for those of you who missed out on the Limited Run Games physical offerings for the Nintendo Switch, you can head to your local Best Buy to purchase a copy of the game for your Switch and have it on cartridge. For those of you out there like myself who collect physical games on their home consoles, this is great news, especially if you didn’t know about the Limited Run edition of the game.

In addition to announcing the physical re-release of the first Freedom Planet for Switch, they also showcased some new gameplay footage of Freedom Planet 2 featuring Milla and some of her abilities, which includes being able to reach platforms by flapping her ears the way Yoshi runs his legs in the Yoshi Island games.

The first few minutes of the video showcases some of the cutscenes and voice acting. The gameplay for Freedom Planet 2 is showcased at the 6:50 mark in the half hour long video below.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Freedom Planet series, it’s basically what the new Sonic games should have been. They feature HD hand-animated sprites, and classic side-scrolling platforming with multiple playable characters. The first game offered players different routes depending on who you played, and Galaxy Trail is keeping that feature intact with Freedom Planet 2 and expanding on it.

There are now four playable characters in the game and multiple game modes, including a Adventure Mode and a Classic Mode. The Adventure Mode features the voice acting and story progression. The Classic Mode is basically just a straight-through playthrough of the game, where you can acquire gems and unlock new items after you complete each stage.

You can upgrade each character separately, as well as unlock new content such as images and the game’s soundtrack that you can listen to via the in-game jukebox.

The game also features a crafting mechanic where you can combine items to create new items. As showcased in the video, some items have timers on them, while others allow for indefinite use.

Beyond the gameplay footage from the Classic Mode, they also showcased some of the story elements from the Adventure Mode as well for people who have some weird fixation on the game’s voice acting.

The story was terribly cringe-worthy the first time around, but the gameplay is undeniably fun. It definitely feels like a true throwback to the way Sonic games used to be made.

They still didn’t outline a release date for Freedom Planet 2 but the Steam store page still shows a late 2019 release window.

You can also acquire a sample version the game by downloading the demo from over on the official website to get a taste of what’s to come. If they also have plans on releasing Freedom Planet 2 on the Nintendo Switch I might just wait for a physical release and get it then.

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