Google Responds To Overheating Chromecast Ultra Reports And Says They’re Working As Designed

Google has sent out a PR person to respond to user reports on Chromecast Ultras overheating and the like. However, the response from the Google PR person believes the device will get warm but never extremely hot and that nothing is causing thermal shutdowns — despite Stadia users reporting such things.

Not too long ago, we reported on Stadia users detailing their experiences with extra hot devices when using Google’s latest “tech,” and how the big corporation that is Google issued out a diversion response instead of owning up to Stadia causing problems.

Well, as of now, Google seems to be making headlines with Stadia regarding the temperature problem, and it’s not the headlines to be proud of either.

CNN, the publication that has as much reliability as its reputation, published a report featuring a Google PR person addressing the situation that is Chromecast Ultra overheating.

Here’s what the PR person at Google had to say about the whole ordeal:

“During normal usage, the surface of the device may get warm to the touch. This is working as designed. Using your Chromecast Ultra to stream Stadia games is very similar to using it to stream TV shows and movies.”

As for shutdowns and other strange encounters, while using Stadia, there’s no word from this PR person on how to fix such things. In the meantime, folks will have to resort to any old textbook method to clear an issue with sporadic shutdowns and overheating.

Nevertheless, the PR person at Google did make mention of their support being all ears when it comes to figuring out any user-related problems:

“[We] will happily work with users to understand their particular experience better.”

I should note that this could mean going in circles with a Google support employee and not getting anything done, but we’ll see how this train wreck pans out.


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