LoveR Kiss Will Have “Big” Jiggle Physics On Nintendo Switch When It Launches Feb 27th, 2020

LoveR Kiss Nintendo Switch

Some companies understand that they live and die based on how well they pay tribute and honor those who partake in boner culture. Ichiro Sugiyama-san and the rest of the crew working on LoveR Kiss for the Nintendo Switch understand boner culture, and that’s why they’re dedicated to making the game the best that it can be on the Nintendo Switch.

As revealed by Twinfinite, the game will include more jiggle physics on the Switch than the PS4 release, and there will also be motion-controlled support for the Switch version in the form of being able to use the Switch in handheld mode like a portable camera.

Another big change with the Switch version of LoveR Kiss is that there will be weekly changes to the girls’ underwear, something that isn’t present in the PS4 version of the game. Some of the panties will also contain unique patterns. Most of you might know that the PS4 version of the game contains only basic plain underwear.

Some new screenshots were also posted up but it doesn’t feature any of the girls’ panties on display. You can check them out below, courtesy of Dante Nintendo Switch World.

Now there are a few features present in the PS4 version of the game that’s not present in the Switch version, such as the voice input support. Some of the backgrounds have also been omitted compared to the pS4 version, but they made up for it with the gyro controls and the ability to interact with the girls by touching them mid-conversation.

You can check out the full comparison below.

Switch PlayStation 4
Backgrounds Some backgrounds (distant views, etc.) have been omitted Fully depicted (no change from LoveR)
Gyro Controls ✓ (in handheld mode, the device can be operated like a real camera)
Voice Input n/a
Unlock Conditions for Conversation Keywords Unlocked by play time only Unlocked by voice input or play time
Addition of Mid-Conversation Touch Points n/a (no change from LoveR)
Jiggle Physics Big Small (no change from LoveR)
Underwear Details Detailed patterns Plain (no change from LoveR)
Weekday Underwear Change ✓ (the girls change underwear each day of the week) n/a
Video Recording n/a

As reported by Gematsu, you’ll also be able to import all your saved data from the standard version of LoveR on the PS4 to LoveR Kiss on the PS4. The game is set to launch on February 27th, 2020 in Japan for the Nintendo Switch and PS4. It’s a long shot to see this game make it onto Western shores, but if you don’t want to risk getting a diluted game, you can switch your Switch’s region to Japan from and download LoveR Kiss from the Nintendo eShop when you boot up your Switch.

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