Patreon Bans Mister Metokur For “Hate Speech” Because He Showed Trans Surgery Videos

Mister Metokur Patreon

[Update 11/23/2019:] Mister Metokur has moved over to SubscribeStar and NewProject2, so you can support him with your shekels over there.

[Original article:] Edgelord provocateur, Mister Metokur, has managed to find himself on the wrong end of the Progressive hit list. The content creator was just recently axed from Patreon for showing videos of trans surgeries.

It started when one of Metokur’s followers informed Dick Masterson about Metokur’s Patreon page being shut down on November 21st, 2019. Masterson responded via Twitter saying that Metokur can sign up at New Project 2, a new kind of payment system for creators.

If you attempt to visit Metokur’s Patreon page, you’re met with the following message.

As indicated in the tweet, Masterson asked what was the reason that led to Metokur being banned from the platform?

Mister Anti-Bully had a snarky reply about being banned for showing how “sausage was made”, and that was the reason Patreon gave for pulling the account.

Obviously that didn’t make a lot of sense to a lot of people, but upon further inquiry it was later revealed that it was due to the trans surgery videos he was commenting on via his livestream that led to Patreon yanking the plug on the conduit for his digital pennies.

Yes, “hate speech”… also known as “Any kind of content we don’t like”.

“Hate speech” is a catch-all term used to delete, ban, or censor whatever it is that big tech doesn’t like.

If you ask any of the compliance departments or the “Safety & Trust” teams to explain how “hate speech” relates to trans surgery videos, they can’t.

It’s no different than if you ask them to define how “hate speech” relates to World War II archival footage, they can’t. Or if you ask them how “hate speech” has any ties to European anthems, they can’t.

Basically, “hate speech” means anything they don’t like.

They’re also going through the process of systematically censoring and deplatforming Mister Metokur and his content. YouTube deleted various videos of his before outright demonetizing his entire channel, and now Patreon has completely banned him from their site.

If you were interested in seeing the video that led to his Patreon account being banned, the *Not Safe For Life* content is viewable below from Metokur’s Bitchute channel.

This means that making any kind of revenue from the content he produces has become a lot harder.

There are a lot of people out there who justify it by saying “Yeah, well he shouldn’t be so edgy!” or “That’s what he gets for being mean!” while completely missing the point that he didn’t actually materially violate any terms of service, and “edgy” commentary isn’t illegal.

You can also still access Metokur’s content from his Bitchute channel.

Just remember that this is the canary in the coal mine situation, and once they get done banning, censoring, and deplatforming the “edgy” content creators, they’re going to come for you next.

(Thanks for the news tip Guardian EvaUnit02)

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