Planet Zoo Cheats Grant Unlimited Money, Perfect Stats, And Clean Enclosures

Planet Zoo is out and available now, and joining the simulator’s launch is a batch of cheats up for download. Frontier Developments’ latest game that sees zoo owners constructing detailed habitats is out for PC via Steam.

Website Cheat Happens has four trainers up, allowing you to get around sticky situations like you’ve been caught red-handed. Anyway, altering the game’s speed, changing current funds, messing around with conservation credits, and dabbling in franchise conservation credits are all yours:

  • Game Speed
  • Edit: Current Funds
  • Edit: Challenge Conservation Credits
  • Edit: Franchise Conservation Credits

Upon visiting allows access to the above trainers, that is, of course, if you are a premium member on that site.

MegaDev, however, isn’t missing out on the cheating fun and has a list itself. The website in question grants nine trainers that kind of do the same thing. Aside from the money loads, there is max food and toys, hunger and thirst never depleting, and clean enclosures:

  • Money +1,000
  • Money +25,000
  • Money +250,000
  • Money +2,500,000
  • Always full quality of life by food
  • Always full quality of life by toys
  • Never hungry
  • Never thirsty
  • Always clean enclosures

You can hit up to gain access to the cheats listed. However, subscribers to said site can use all of the trainers.

There’s also a free cheat table that you can acquire for the Cheat Engine from over on Fearless Revolution.

The table contains the following Planet Zoo cheats:

  • Scenarios: Infinite Money
  • Scenarios: Infinite Conservation Credits
  • Franchise: Infinite Money

As of this writing, WeMod hasn’t posted the official link to their cheats. However, when the time comes, hit up the following link until we update this piece reflecting the proper trainers via

In the meantime, it’s best to keep an eye on what version of the game is out on the market and what version of cheats you have, unless you don’t mind playing with broken trainers.

Last but not least, the sim dubbed as Planet Zoo is available to pick up right now for PC via Steam and runs for $49.99.


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