Reddit Censoring Any Mention of Ukrainian Whistle Blower’s Name

As the impeachment sham proceeds, accusations have circulated that Reddit along with several other social media platforms have been engaging in systematic censorship to prevent open discussion on the issue allowing the left to control the narrative flow. We have reached Orwell’s nightmare except the as it turns out science fiction writers were vastly more imaginative with their world design than reality has proven capable of.

Reddit for their part has been denying their involvement, but a recently leaked message to the moderates of the lead Conservative board has revealed that not only have they been systematically engaging in censorship, but they expect all moderators on their establishment to do so as well.

This issue isn’t limited to Reddit, who has categorically denied they are censoring anyone while enjoying their platform status. Facebook, regardless of how far Left you hail has been censoring the name of the Ukrainian Whistleblower for weeks. Tim Pool himself received a ban for merely mentioning the person’s name.

Yes the person who has repeatedly denied any collusion was occurring on the Left, that it was all a standalone complex was banned by the very force he denies exists. Pool is very far from Conservative no matter what his shrieking opponents on the far Left may want to claim. He is so Leftist you can watch in his content the double speak unfold and the cognitive dissonance in real time.

Yet that dedication to the cause to a degree you could argue he does damage control for the moderates the party courts wasn’t enough to stop him from getting banned.

Youtube will outright remove video content that references the Whistleblower’s real name. That’s not even a theory proposed by Alex Jones, but comes straight from main stream media outlets like the New York Post .

It is ironic that the censorship happy Twitter right now is one of the few places where you can still have a discussion about the topic. As far as I’ve been able to tell during my research at any rate.

You want cut through all the nonsense as to why this individual cannot be named? In short he is connected to Schiff, having met with him directly and is presumed to be have been operating under his instructions, but ’till an investigation proves this it is mere supposition on the observer’s part. Immediately it undermines the entire Impeachment narrative, but it has far more disastrous reach.

This individual whose name we cannot mention, directly ties the entire impeachment narrative back to the Obama administration. Now, to clarify for the record this does not mean Obama had any involvement with what is transpiring, but it doesn’t look good for the man and those that supported him especially when the entire issue revolves around corruption that occurred in his administration involving his vice Presidents son.

Then the issue is raised over how this individual, who is connected to the previous administration, and the head of the impeachment proceedings, is receiving money from foreign donors?  With the media having pushed the issue that Trump had received influence from Russia to have anyone connected to Obama come out having received money from foreign sources even if not directly connected back to the former president directly would undermined the entire lefts position during a time when the details will hit the spotlight.

The Left messed up fiercely with their push for impeachment behind Schiff. Each day new information comes out that not a single one of the DNC’s witnesses have any substantial proof and all of their evidence is their baseless opinion or third hand information of others opinions. Worse their own witnesses are saying Burisma Holdings should be investigated and the State department was concerned about Biden’s family’s connections with them. It is on the record in the New York Times that the Ukraine interfered with American elections as they now try to deny it was ever reported.

What you are seeing is the entirety of the left circling the wagons and demonstrating their collusion with one another. There is no Occam’s Razor or stand alone complex, these actions are systematic and precise. Everyone has bet their reputation and standing on the Trump Impeachment.

YouTuber RazorFist recently ranted about the issues and the current direction that the establishment is taking in trying to unseat Trump.

Now it exists in a state where it cannot fail because there is too much to lose even amongst their own base. That is why all the tech giants are now doing everything in their power to stop anything damning from coming out, it is why the media is spinning outright fake news stories of bombshells.  For when it ends if it doesn’t end in their favor it will set them back decades.

Until then regular people will have to endeavor to find away around the corporate state censorship.

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