Remnant: From The Ashes Drops New Hardcore Mode Update and Roadmap

Gunfire Games has once again dropped another significant patch improving Remnant From The Ashes. The latest patch comes with a bevy of fixes, improvements and features greatly enhancing the experience including a new communication system and a new hardcore mode.

Typically I’m not a fan of hardcore/ironman modes. What with most of them simply being a one life modifier, no save points, all while refusing to rebalance the game to accommodate for the added difficulty. If you enjoyed dying as a result of the game’s shortcomings before now do so with the added bonus of losing everything!

Remnant’s hardcore mode on the other hand achieves an allure where the others fail to do so. Adding more than the boasting that you are nigh unstoppable each run through the mode whether you die or not will provide account specific rights for each boss slain. What this means is even in death your characters whether on another hardcore run or on any of the other game modes will have these rings unlocked.

Delivering on the promise of making the summoner play style viable 3 of the 4 summons have received both a cost reduction and damage boost. Tentacle shot on the other hand removed soft collision which allows enemies to get closer to the attack and take more hits as a result. Naturally you’ll have to pay more to utilize the move, but now it will decimate those that stand before you.

Running with friends and randoms has been improved with the addition of the emote and ping system. Point, laugh, yell and coordinate like never before in your quest for the rings of power (not tm).

Beyond the latest update the developers have dropped their roadmap for the future of the game.

We can only speculate on what features will be included with the survival mode, there is less mystery behind expanding Corsus. As a world it was a good grind level, but was rather linear compared to the other worlds. In the lack of branching paths was the terrible secret of the Iskal a parasitic hive mind that sought to invade world after world much like the root, but with less of an emo zest. Lead by the Elf Queen, the most advanced nexus in the hive mind on the planet there was great potential to expand upon the horror that dwelt on the planet.

Seeing this area expanded would be a delight, but what of the secret? Well there is one world referenced in game that you never get to visit. With DLC on the way this will likely be a substantial expansion pack that adds a brand new world and potentially expands upon previous worlds were as only hinted in the game’s lore.

Speculation aside the developers have once again dropped a substantial patch that adds both expands and improves the experience. For a smaller title it has received much more love and passion than you will see from AAA companies that only look to extract more money from your wallet. If you need that action itch scratched you can’t do much better than Remnant.


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