Reports Of Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter Hacking On PC Surfaces Ahead Of Steam Release

Fallout 76 launch on Steam is right around the corner, whether it’s this year’s December or Q1 2020 — as some people are reporting. However, ahead of the controversial title hitting Gaben’s storefront, some PC goers via Bethesda launcher have to deal with hackers in Nuclear Winter, and it seems as if Bethesda hasn’t jumped on the situation as of this writing.

In case you are unaware, back on March 25th, Bethesda proclaimed that Fallout 76 would hit Steam later this year. I’m not sure if the plan is still on or not, but here’s the tweet in question:

According to some fans (although upon research, I cannot find anything to prove the following information), the Steam launch has been delayed to release with the Wastelander update, which is due out Q1 2020.

However it goes, the Steam edition of Fallout 76 is still three and a half months away at max, unless a delay happens.

In the meantime, PC goers have been experiencing issues with a mode called Nuclear Winter — in case you are unaware, the mission structure is a battle royale mode.

User Swtor_Fan456 shares his experience with hackers:

“Ok, I was placed into a lobby with a hacker on my team. They explained that F076 accounts cost $1-2 USD and get banned on a weekly basis. They described their hack as being able to see all enemy NW players in the sky as soon as they get ~1km away on a mini map and can kill them once they enter into this radius by teleporting to them and back in a split second. The hack looks like them just shooting the sky/wall endlessly. They described the game as laughably easy to hack even to the point where you can grief people in adventure mode with no reprisal. There are discord’s dedicated to buying/selling hacks and accounts


I have died to or seen hackers in about 50% of the NW rounds as described. Then again I always Yolo Queue…”

Moreover, all on r/Fallout 76 one can find posts such as the following:

The first post has over 2.2K upvotes followed by the second boasting 787 upvotes, and the third having 240. Although some may say that this is a vocal minority, there’s video proof of cheaters in action.

Thanks to fledgling YouTubers Revan 7even and Olga Dino, the cheaters that can easily hack the game sit right here:

With all of that said, this epidemic seems to be pretty bad on PC, and if it continues with the Steam release nearing, Bethesda Softworks and Bethesda Game Studios may find themselves headlining several sites and social media channels due to negative Steam reviews thanks to cheaters going unchecked.


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