Super Street: Racer Has Launched For Nintendo Switch For $49.99
Super Street Racer Nintendo Switch

Kemco, Lion Castle Entertainment, the MotorTrend Group, and Funbox Media announced that Super Street: Racer is available right now for the Nintendo Switch for $49.99. The game is only available digitally and that means you can’t purchase it physically from e-tailers from retailers ,which is a shame.

Even still, you can purchase the game from the Nintendo eShop US, the Nintendo eShop UK, Nintendo eShop Germany, and the Nintendo eShop of Japan.

The game centers around grabbing a junker and building it up into a super car by collecting parts and customizing it in between each race you win while tackling tracks from around the world, from Japan to Los Angeles and plenty of other locations in between.

You can check out the official launch trailer for the Nintendo Switch below.

As depicted in the trailer, the game features 500 different car parts from 70 different name-brand manufacturers.

The inclusion of split-screen racing and the ability to modify the cars both internally and via the exterior would seem like it adds a measure of replaybility and depth to the game, but it’s not quite all it appears to be.

You can get an idea of what the actual gameplay is like courtesy of ContraNetwork, which features 20 unedited minutes of raw Nintendo Switch footage.

As you can see the game has some wonky arcade-like physics and there’s a strange sense of speed.

There’s also a lot of glitches galore, such as the car screeching at the end of a race and continuing through to the loading screen.

It’s a real shame because the actual concept of the game is really awesome, and the level of detail you can apply to the cars and customization is quite impressive.

Super Street: Racer originally came out back in fall of 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The game received a lot of negative user reviews and feedback due to the physics, glitches, crazy AI, and poor progression.

YouTuber BlackPanthaa did a video covering just how bad the game was when it first launched for home consoles and PC.

Kemco and Lion Castle Entertainment haven’t given up on the franchise, though, and they’re intent on trying to turn it into something viable.

It’s a unique game for sure given that since it doesn’t have licensed cars (but it does have licensed parts) they can include full car damage, exploding vehicles, and even some impressive takedown mechanics.

This gives the game a much more dynamic feel than Need For Speed, Forza, Project CARS or Gran Turismo, since all of the aforementioned series are prohibited from allowing excessive car damage to appear on vehicles due to the licensing contracts.

Hopefully they can bring some better engineers into the fold for Super Street: Racer to improve the overall vehicle physics and add some more weight to the handling and improved soft-body deformation to really give the game a fighting chance on the market.

It’s not the worst racer out there, and like most users have mentioned in their reviews, it has a ton of potential, hopefully Lion Castle Entertainment can capitalize on that potential at some point in the near future.


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