Terminator: Resistance Combat Trailer Looks Empty And Underwhelming

Reef Entertainment and Teyon are working on a new Terminator game that explores the “future war.” The single-player FPS game will hit PC this November while the console version is due in December 2019, and to promote the game, it has a lackluster combat trailer.

Trailers are designed to show off what a game has to offer, and when devs label a video “combat gameplay”, it’s to follow through and show just that to potential customers and leery gamers.

In this case, the combat trailer for Terminator: Resistance fails to show a detailed look at what long-range fights look like and what close-quarters combat (or melee) is like, and if the below video is any indication then it looks empty and underwhelming.

With that said, the combat trailer sees Jacob Rivers — a soldier in the Resistance Pacific Division — witnessing the dull edition of T-1 and T-2’s future war, which is available for you to check out right here:

“Terminator: Resistance introduces a new hero, Jacob Rivers, a soldier in the Resistance Pacific Division. Despite the fact that Jacob is just a private, he’ll soon discover that he’s been targeted by the latest threat from SKYNET and marked for termination!”

It’s a real shame that the terminators aren’t like their movie counterparts during the future war segments of the movies. The enemies in Terminator: Resistance act unaware of the player and barely shoot unlike in the movies:

Both films depict the dominated future controlled by the terminators as a hopeless state that calls for the brave and courageous to fight with very little against an overwhelming robotic force. And if you slip up, these robots will hound you down with a barrage of deadly laser fire.

Anyway, if this game looks interesting to you, folks on PC can expect the Steam version to drop on November 15th, 2019. And gamers on PS4 and Xbox One will gain access come December 10th, 2019.


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