Ubisoft Teases New Splinter Cell Game

Ubisoft is at it against teasing fans of the spectacular return of the most official unofficial spy in gaming history. Courtesy of Twitter the latest tease is a simple tagline hinting at a dark, mature narrative accompanied by a picture of the agent himself: Sam Fisher.

You need to understand the darkness to face it … #SamFisher

The image itself is nothing special, a holdover from Wildlands it nevertheless doesn’t overshadow how the company has been a naught little tease about the forthcoming new entry from the last few years. Going back to the retirement of Snake and Metal Gear, Sam Fisher let it be known that he was still in the game. Far Cry: New Dawn showcased some lore set in the universe were nuclear war occurred along with allowed users to unlock Sam’s suit. Prior to that Wildlands had an exclusive mission for the spy. Sadly it wasn’t particularly good and many regarded it as irritatingly convoluted with its forced stealth in a game never designed for stealth, it did show Ubisoft has been bringing the Splinter Cell series back into the Zeitgiest.

Further confirmation that this is happening comes from Ubisoft themselves. Who in their eagerness to please investors disgruntled after the delay of three titles, announced they had two other titles in development that would launch on current and next generation consoles.

Potentially one of those titles will be another entry into the Far Cry series as word from the developers has gone silent after the release of New Dawn. Unsubstantiated rumors have abound of the development of Far Cry 6 and given the series earnings power is the most likely candidate for one of the two unannounced titles.

Assassin’s Creed developers are currently committed to Gods and Monsters. After Assassin’s Creed Oddessy sold 25% less in an already declining series, the company might be prepared to put the series to rest after all this time. A decidedly great potential given there are only two titles in development alongside the three previously delayed and Ubisoft is not going to abandon the Far Cry brand.

Through the process of elimination we’re left with a new Splinter Cell game that will feature a much older and grizzlier Sam Fisher. With Ubisoft’s new mandate that all games must be unique and different from one another there is hope that this will not be a repeat of the entry that shall not be mentioned.

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