Unto The End, 2D Platformer With Nuanced Combat Hits Switch, PS4, Xbox In 2020
Unto The End

2 Tons Studios’ Unto The End really caught me by surprise. It’s a smallish game that was quietly announced during this year’s EGX London event. The trailer initially rolled out for the PS4, but publisher Big Sugar plans on bringing the game to the Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One in 2020.

So first and foremost, the game features a straight, white male as the lead. Instantaneously gamers who are interested in playing an actual hero probably have said interests piqued.

Not only is he a straight, white male, but he’s a formidable warrior, too. He carries with him the traits of a Nordic champion, wielding a steel sword and journeying through environmental hazards and encountering all manner of foul beasts in order to get his family back and live in peace.

The trailer is expertly put together, which you can check out below.

Once again, you’re not playing some character who downs the alphabet soup, some butch feminist who is pretending to be a man, or some other kind of freak. You’re playing a normal character for once (in a long time) and he’s very capable, completely unlikely the beta males that occupy places like Seattle, Washington or San Francisco, California.

However, just because you’re playing a testosterone laden warrior doesn’t mean the journey will be easy. As you can see, you’ll need to solve physics-based platforming puzzles, scale up and down mountainsides, and fight wild creatures who will give you no quarter.

Unto The End - Decapitation

Thankfully, the game’s self-described “nuanced-based” combat system allows players to utilize the environment to their advantage. You can see that some of the enemies can kill each other if you properly roll out of the way of flying projectiles, or you can parry and riposte, or spread out for your next attack by blocking and creating separation from your opponent.

These small but accumulative mechanics allow you to engage in some thrilling looking combat sequences the likes of which we rarely get from other games, since most AAA publishers are all focused on making most hardcore, big-budget titles as casual as possible. Alas, I digress.

If you’re interested in a game like Unto The End, and you’re already looking for your next big hardcore fix after playing something like the heavy-metal space-faring adventure, Valfaris, then be sure to keep an eye on 2 Ton Studios’ title as it preps for launch next year. For more information feel free to visit the official Unto The End website.


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