Xbox Boss Says Project Scarlett Will Improve On Xbox One Launch Issues While Being A Powerful Competitor

The Xbox One first released way back in 2013 and brought with it a myriad of problems. Later on, the console would gain siblings like the Xbox One S, the Xbox SAD (digital only), and the Xbox One X. Other services such as Xbox Game Pass would tag along proving to be profitable for the green team, but in a new interview, Phil Spencer says that Project Scarlett will improve on Xbox One launch issues while being a much powerful competitor.

Website has another interview piece up, and this time Xbox Boss Phil Spencer is the latest guest. During the exchanging of words, the conversation landed on not making the same mistakes as the 2013 launch of the Xbox One, where Spencer offered a glimpse into what the future might hold.

Despite Spencer not fulfilling the leadership role during the Xbox One’s early days, the exec makes mention that he’s well aware the console was out of line in both price and power.

The website later asked Spencer what has the Xbox team learned from the stuttering start that left the 2013 console stuck in last place in terms of market share. Here’s his response:

“I would say a learning from the Xbox One generation is we will not be out of position on power or price. If you remember the beginning of this generation we were a hundred dollars more expensive and yes, we were less powerful. And we started Project Scarlett with this leadership team in place with a goal of having market success.”

Furthermore, Spencer said he wants to be more competitive with Project Scarlett. In other words, Sony and Nintendo might see team green pulling out all the stops when it comes to the end of 2020 and beyond:

“We had the discussion years ago ‘do we want to go do another generation?’ Yes, and do we think there will be multiple generations ahead of us? I actually think there probably is, so we’re going all in. We’re all-in on Project Scarlett and I want to compete, and I want to compete in the right ways which is why we’re focused on cross-play and backward compatibility.”

On a side note, given that most of the games revealed at X019 were woke colorful kids games that don’t call for more console power, I can’t see the lineup in 2020 and 2021 differing from what’s coming out now, but I could be wrong.

Anyway, what’re your thoughts on Project Scarlett attempting to be more competitive and having a lower price and being more powerful than its 2013 counterpart?

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