Youtube Demonetizes Mister Metokur for Content Violations on No Content

People on the receiving end of the ire of a major tech company know all too well the levels of absurdity they will stoop to in their vindictive pursuits. Usually if they want to save some face they will find anything that violates one of their intentionally vague rules. Pouring over posts and content going back years till they find something the user had long forgotten about and was within the scope of the rules when it was uploaded, but no longer falls under their parameter. Then you’re hit with a punishment for something you uploaded five years ago, with little recourse to redress the injustice.

That is what usually happens, but when you simply give them no grounds to implement any punitive measure against you and have also found a way around their limited state systems  they oft abandon any appearances of impartiality and fairness and just slap you with anything they can. Mister Metokur has become Youtube’s most recent victim of unjust punitive measures.

Mister Metokur the big boss of an army of 14-year-old trolls that ravage the internet for their own amusement (or so his critics claim) was demonetized by Youtube allowing the company to keep  the over $4,000 he was owed in super chats. Their justification was his original content reused his original content and thus was in violation of their rules.

Anyone can see it’s a simple matter of Mister Metokur played a game of 5th dimensional chess and was penalized for the violations of space time for using his own content. A rookie mistake, but one people occasionally make.

Kidding aside, their accusation ran into one major issue: Metokur had no content on his channel.

Not even privately.

All of his content has been migrated over to his Bitchute account. Leaving Youtube only to serve as a platform for livestreaming and collecting super chats. None of the livestreams are archived on his account, but it would be hilarious to watch Youtube claim his live content was reusing itself.

For the most part Mister Metokur and his fans have been having a good laugh at this incident, despite the 4 grand loss to Jim.

Being the true entrepreneur he is, he isn’t content merely lying down and taking it. Instead he’s using the circumstances to promote his merchandise.

The sad reality is these big companies are beholden to nobody.

Mister Metokur is free to attempt to appeal the decision, but it will be up to Google’s Kangaroo court whether he will ever see the four grand he is legally owed. Alternatively he could take them to court and fight it for years at a cost far exceeding the four grand that they owe him. A factor these large companies often rely on.


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