Halo: Infinite’s Engine Is The Most Cutting Edge Engine On The Planet, Says 343 Industries Architect

Despite 343 Industries losing creative director Tim Longo and lead producer Mary Olson, Halo: Infinite is still coming out for PC, Xbox One, and Project Scarlett. However, everything wasn’t rosy when developing past Halo games, and it looks like the overhaul that is the Slipspace Engine is “reportedly” to make things a bit easier for devs working on the forthcoming Halo game.

While I’m not a fan of Halo 5: Guardians, although I can see where fans can sink time into the multiplayer mode, it looks like the devs weren’t a fan of developing said game on the engine prior to Slipspace.

According to Daniele Giannetti, an architect on the Slipspace Engine, he tells IGN that the team reworked a lot of the previous Halo engine used in 343’s earlier titles.

Also, Giannetti claims that Halo: Infinite’s Slipspace Engine is “the most cutting edge AAA game engine on the planet” on his Llinkedin as per publication site videogameschronicle.com.

Giannetti continues and says one complaint from the team on the engine was very technical, leaving little room for creativity. As of now, Giannetti says that’s no longer an issue, and the new engine “will be far more creative-friendly” and “easier, in general, to work with” reports gamingbolt.com.

Later in the IGN interview with 343, Bonny Ross took the spotlight and told Ryan McCaffrey the following:

“The Halo engine is a very technical, engineering-focused engine. It’s super hard for creatives to work in. It’s super hard for a lot of creatives to work in, at one time. We did a ton of work, on Halo 4, on the engine, to get it to look… I think it looked amazing for being on the last generation on the last year of the platform.


We promised the team we would do the work on the tools, and pipeline, for Halo 5, so it wasn’t such a challenging environment to develop on. You know… ‘best-laid plans’… we didn’t do that, and the team, rightfully so, basically called us on it.”

Later, Ross told the website that 343 plans to offer its developers more creative work with the Slipspace engine while building Halo’s future up as a whole:

“One; we want to do more with Halo… and two; we want to have a team that can do their best creative work within our engine. So it really was taking the time off and, as we announced the Slipspace Engine last year, it is all to make sure we’re building the platform for the future of Halo.”

Aside from the game’s technical angle and engine, the story for Halo: Infinite revolves around a “much more human” story with the iconic Master Chief playing “a more central role” than in Halo 5: Guardians.

So what does this all mean? Well, it means that the Slipspace engine will grant developers more creative legroom than before so that a Halo: 5 Guardians won’t happen again, but we’ll see when the game launches in 2020 across PC and the Xbox family of consoles.


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