Activision Claims Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Has Earned $1 Billion In Sales

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare seems to be doing Activision Blizzard wonders according to claims made on an Activision blog post regarding the first-person shooter’s “success.” The controversial title in question is not only the most played game in the series, but it has accrued over $1 billion in “sell-through” worldwide.

Despite all the nonsense leading up to the game’s release and Activision pulling out the usual anti-consumer stuff post-launch, it looks like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a big moneymaker for both publisher and developer Infinity Ward.

The new post over on highlights that this time around more people are sacrificing more time of their day to give it to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare:

“Activision’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare continues to drive momentum delivering new highs in multiplayer engagement within the franchise for this console generation. Modern Warfare has outpaced all previous Call of Duty multiplayer experiences of this generation in hours played, hours per player and average daily players on its way to becoming the most played Call of Duty multiplayer in the first 50 days since launch in six years.”

You’ve read right the FPS game is outpacing all previous Call of Duty “multiplayer experiences of this generation” in both hours played and hours per player. Nevertheless, the company also boasts that the average daily player count is on its way to becoming “the most played Call of Duty multiplayer in the first 50 days” since launch in six years.

In other words, no matter what Activision has done in the past, its crowd of normies will always forgive it no matter the (ongoing) issue.

But that’s not all, in two months Activision and Infinity Ward have pulled in “$1 billion in sell-through” around the world all thanks to the FPS game:

“The award-winning title, which has sold more than $1 billion in sell-through worldwide, has surpassed 500 million multiplayer hours played since release with nearly 300 million multiplayer matches. Upon release, the title featured a series of firsts for Call of Duty, including crossplay and cross-progression support, as well as the removal of Season Pass and delivery of new post-release content coming free to all players on all platforms.”

Byron Beede, executive vice president and general manager for Call of Duty, re-iterates the aforementioned numbers that the blog post has up. Here’s what Beede has to say about this year’s CoD:

“The momentum for Modern Warfare from day one has been incredible. Players are having a great time and are continuing to engage across the multiplayer experience at the highest level in years. We’re also seeing new franchise highs for this console generation in hours played, hours per player and average daily players. It’s great to see the fan response to the hard work from our development teams led by Infinity Ward. Players are having a great time, and there’s much more to come as we continue to deliver new content.”

So there you have it, you can release a game with multiple problems like Call of Duty: WW2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and recoup any losses by tweaking your anti-consumer methods into something that is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

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