Corepunk MMORPG Combines Cyberpunk, Diablo, And World Of Warcraft Together


Artificial Core announced that they have a new MMORPG in the works called Corepunk. They have around 100 developers working on the title, and it’s scheduled to enter into beta testing at some point in late 2020.

The game is played like a typical isometric loot-and-slash action-RPG. So if you’re a fan of games like Grim Dawn, Path of Exile or Diablo, then you’ll fit right in with Corepunk.

The world aesthetic attempts to combine a cyberpunk motif with medieval-fantasy. There are some basic classes you’ll be able to choose from at the start of the game and then upgrade them throughout play by raiding dungeons, defeating bosses, or gathering material to craft at various stations scattered around the game world.

There are some cool elements to Corepunk, such as the game world being basked in the fog of war, or being able to hitch rides on transports that travel around the game world. You can get an idea of what the gameplay is like with the debut trailer below.

The core of the gameplay centers around exploring the world, battling monsters, attaining crafting materials, upgrading your gear, unlocking relics, attaining new skills, teaming up with other players to raid dungeons, and even ganking some unexpected newbies via player-killing.

It would be nice if this were a true sandbox-style MMO where ganking was just the way of life. It would create a nice little meta-community of potential PK Hunters. Remember those groups back in the old days of Diablo II?

Anyway, the art-style reminds me of a cross between Warcraft and Torchlight, but the gameplay is obviously mirrored after Diablo.

The inclusion of futuristic, neon-lights filled city hubs as well as classical medieval-fantasy towns and hotspots gives gamers a mixture of different gameplay experiences that run the gamut of the MMO genre.

I can’t say I’m terribly excited right now because I would still need to see more of the core gameplay before getting to enthralled over the idea. It certainly doesn’t seem to be as ambitious as Path of Exile 2, but it will certainly be competing with it since both games are expected to enter beta around the same time.

You can sign-up for the beta at the official Corepunk website.

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