Epic Games Store Brings In-Game Microtransaction Support For Publishers And Devs

The CEO over the anti-consumer digital storefront that’s best known as the Epic Games Store has spoken. The words that have come out of Sweeney’s mouth see developers able to opt for two options when it comes to microtransactions or in-game purchases. The two options are: give Sweeney a portion of your revenue and let Epic Games set up the system, or take all the revenue and set up the system yourself.

Thanks to website mcvuk.com, we know the Epic Games Store’s new policy allows third-party developers (and publishers) to implement in-game purchases in their games through the store.

To explain this system in laymen terms, developers and publishers can either opt to use Epic’s payment services and take a hot steamy load down the throat or set up their very own without Epic supposedly taking a single dime.

The website picked up on Sweeney lying through his teeth by saying “developers have a choice with Epic,” which isn’t entirely true given the case with Unfold Games’ Darq and how the dev of that game could only have his game on one store if he didn’t take Epic’s bribe. Anyway, here’s Sweeney’s take on the Epic Games Store adding developer payment tools:

“We support developers’ right to choose among the best stores, in-app payment processors, online services, and engines, and to mix and match these components as they wish.”

That’s not all, the CEO over Epic Games has this to say:

“In addition to the generous 88/12 revenue share, we’re excited to offer developers and publishers more options that allow them to keep more of what they earn, so that they can continue to invest in making bigger, better games.”

Lastly, a PR person recently confirmed to gamesIndustry.biz that Epic Games has no storewide policy on loot-box odds disclosure or similar rules for “microtransactions in third-party titles.” In other words, if an anti-consumer dev wanted to put in ludicrous loot-box odds, they can do so without Epic coming down on them.

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