Germany Seeks Legislation To Retrieve ISP Data, Passwords For “Hate Speech”

German ISPs

After enforcing social media sites to remove “hate speech” (which is basically anything critical of Left-wing policies and ideology), Germany’s Angela Markel is now moving forward with trying to establish legislation that would allow police to gather ISP and password data from users who commit what they declare as “hate speech”.

Breitbart picked up the news from German outlet Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk, where it was explained that Federal Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht wants to move forward with the bill, despite criticism s from opposition party members who claimed that the new bill was an invasion of privacy.

If this goes through then Germany would be right up there with France in terms of hunting down citizens for committing “hate speech”.

France had proposed a bill back in July of 2019 to fine social media platforms up to $1.4 million for every “hate speech” violation that wasn’t removed.

France also requires social media platforms to hand over privacy data for what they claim to be violations of “hate speech”. Facebook even complied, handing over the data, as well as later boasting about having removed 11.4 million pieces of “hate speech” this past year.

But what is “hate speech” in this context? Essentially anything that the state finds offensive.

In the case of Germany, they’ve already been raiding homes and arresting people for criticizing Muslims and speaking out against the rape gangs, the violent immigrants, and their homes, property, and livelihood being completely destroyed, ruined, and ravaged by savages, as reported by the Associated Press.

Essentially, Germany wants to hold their own citizens in a digital brig as they watch their way of life erode away under the socially corrosive policies of inhumane Globalists.

Even if the bill continues to receive criticism and opposition, Germany is already lost at this point. The mass import of violent refugees have created a crime wave in the region that has resulted in crime stats skyrocketing, as reported by Reuters. People who value their safety and livelihood would probably do better seeking refuge further north, though obviously not in Sweden.

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