Katsuhiro Harada Wants To Know If You Still Want Tekken X Street Fighter

Way back in 2010, Tekken series lead, best known as Katsuhiro Harada, announced that there would be Tekken X Street Fighter, but as time has shown, it never came to be. Although Capcom’s Street Fighter X Tekken is out, Harada wants to know if you would still like to see Tekken X Street Fighter released?

In case you are unaware as to what Tekken X Street Fighter is and what the basic premise aims to achieve — due to Bandai Namco being silent on all things Tekken X Street Fighter — you’re in luck.

Firstly, Tekken X Street Fighter is a crossover fighting game that mixes the universes of Bandai Namco’s Tekken and Capcom’s Street Fighter into one game.

Like any other cross over, this one too would combine the roster from both franchises so that fans of both series can see who comes out on top.

Harada announced Tekken X Street Fighter at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con convention. Additionally, the gameplay setup mirrors the 3D fighting engine of the Tekken franchise — contrary to Street Fighter X Tekken’s 2D-style.

With all of that said, if that sounds fun or repulsing, Harada wants to know if you would still like to see Tekken X Street Fighter release sometime in 2020 or 2021 as seen below:

The final results of 66,608 votes see 59% of those people wanting the game, while 13% are indifferent, and 28% don’t want the fighting game.

Lastly, do you think the social justice mob will try to sabotage this game if it ever released? Do you think Bandai Namco and Harada should focus on another project, or do you think this era of gaming needs Tekken X Street Fighter?

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