Mother Claims 14-Year-Old Son Was Savagely Beaten For Wearing Trump Hat To School


Shocking video footage was revealed of a 14-year-old boy being beaten up by two black girls and three black boys. The violent footage would have been national news had the races been reversed, but in this age where the media is clearly racist against straight, white males, this story has flown well under the radar.

Video footage was released of the incident by The Daily Mail, who reported that the 14-year-old boy was beaten up, reportedly for wearing a MAGA hat to school, or so says the teenager’s mother.

The tweet about the incident was posted on American Diaries on November 22nd, 2019.

Reddit user and known troll HaterJuiced made a thread on KotakuInAction 2 claiming that the story was “fake news” because Snopes reported that the video did not contain the presence of a MAGA hat. The thread was downvoted into oblivion, but Snopes does link to a statement from Hamilton County School Superintendant Rex L. Mitchell, who wrote…

“Since that time the school district has investigated the incident, taken action against the students involved, and turned the information over to the local Sheriff’s office for criminal action. It is implied in the post that the altercation occurred because one of the students involved was wearing a political hat showing support for President Trump. There was no evidence found during the investigation that indicated the student was wearing any of this apparel at the time of the altercation or that his wearing of such apparel on a prior occasion motivated the incident. The incident began with a verbal altercation between two students that escalated when additional students became involved.”

However, the lawyer representing Trevor, the 14-year-old who was brutally beaten by the unruly black students, stated that Trevor had worn the hat to school two weeks prior to the incident, which is why it wasn’t in the video clip.

According to The Sun, attorney Foye Walker told The New York Post

“Tyler wore a Trump hat to school two weeks prior to the beating.


“It started and/or increased a series of bullying that culminated in his assault and batter … His beating appears to be the result of his support for President Trump.”

Whether that’s really what sparked the incident in the video hasn’t been clarified, but the hateful attack definitely seems racially motivated.

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[Update 12/18/2019:] As reported by Tim Pool, the five students who bullied and beat up the boy have been arrested and charged with battery.

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