Motive General Manager Says EA Now Feels Like a Different Company Focusing On Quality Games

Motive’s new studio general manager, Patrick Klaus, believes that Electronic Arts (best known as EA) is a different company that is striving to bring quality titles to the games industry, contrary to what people think of the company and its past mistakes.

What sounds like an April fool’s joke is Klaus believing that EA, in current year, can release a quality game even though fans are complaining about Battlefield V and Star Wars: Battlefront 2′s latest updates.

Catching wind from website, we learn that published an interview with Klaus regarding a list of things. One of the many topics revolves around EA changing as a company and how it’s for the better to create quality games:

“It feels like a different company, a company that’s very much focused on quality. It’s part of the reason that got me excited about coming back, really the number one priority is that we want to make great games, and EA execs are really empowering Montreal with the amount of talent we have in the studio to play a big part in making some awesome games for EA.


It’s different times, a different leadership, a different message. And it’s reinforced every day in the messages and discussions we have. It really feels like that’s the absolute priority.”

Motive helped EA and DICE make Star Wars: Battlefront 2′s story mode, which YouTuber TheHaddockbanker compiled together the game’s most “quality moments” in its post-launch Resurrection DLC:

Although the above video released in late 2017, another YouTuber by the name of TheOzzyJedi, an avid fan of the series, released an update on the state of Star Wars: Battlefront 2 and its latest issues as of September 2019:

Fast forward to last week, and we have both Battlefield V and EA support baffled by the game’s bugs. Yes, YouTuber Rathalisk has video footage of a glitch plaguing the game that has more issues than a mental ward patient:

Finally, says EA and Motive are working on a new IP in that Klaus confirmed it’s a project to craft a “very unique Star Wars experience” that will likely hit PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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