Overwatch 2 Game Director Responds To Fans Calling The Sequel An Expensive Expansion Pack

When Blizzard announced Overwatch 2 at Blizzcon 2019, there was a lot going on with the developer and China. And with all the controversy surrounding the company, the so-called sequel caught flak from gamers and fans alike along with another reason, and that was for Overwatch 2 being “an expensive expansion pack.” However, Blizzard’s game director Jeff Kaplan feels Overwatch 2 isn’t pricy DLC.

Edge magazine has its 340th issue out, and in that issue, Kaplan goes on a little journey to explain to fans what a sequel is and why Overwatch 2 doesn’t fit the bill of being an “expansive expansion pack.”

Here’s what Kaplan had to say regarding fan criticism toward Overwatch 2 and its content:

“[Overwatch 2 is] a brand new game, with new gameplay and features as well as an evolution of the game world. Clearly a sequel.”

Behold, website GameRant caught wind of this little sperg that Kaplan felt was necessary for critics to hear. The publication site in question went on to say:

“Kaplan also said that as Overwatch 2 is “an order of magnitude larger than the original game, and therefore we consider it a sequel.””

But that’s not all folks, according to Kaplan, a sequel must give its players base an additive of its previous iteration in increments, which is not expansion worthy at all to him. The following information from GameRant sees Kaplan saying:

“We’ve more than doubled the team size from the original game to make Overwatch 2.


We’ll be introducing a full suite of new PvP maps to the game – what you would expect from a sequel to any shooter – including multiple new maps for every existing game mode currently in the game, as well as Push.”

Furthermore, GameRant pulls up an interesting point that disgruntled Overwatch fans have with Overwatch 2: The so-called sequel’s content due out in 2020 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch will appear in the first installment:

“However, there are many Overwatch fans who disagree with Kaplan’s definition of a sequel and whether Overwatch 2 can be defined as such. Those who have said that Overwatch 2 is just DLC have said that as the new characters and maps will all be coming to the first Overwatch, there is no need for a new game”

So what does this all mean? Well, according to Kaplan, as long as a game delivers double the content in a series, it’s labeled a “sequel,” even if people from the first game can jump in and enjoy said content.

Do you agree with Kaplan on his definition of a sequel, or do you think he’s full of it?

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