Owen Benjamin’s YouTube Channel Reportedly Getting Shutdown December 10th
Owen Benjamin

[Update 12/7/2019:] Owen Benjamin’s YouTube channel has been terminated.

[Original article:] Content creator Owen Benjamin recently put out a video indicating that an insider at YouTube told him that on December 10th, 2019 his account would be terminated in an apparent YouTube purge.

Benjamin posted up the video on his official YouTube channel on November 30th, 2019. The video is short and sweet and gets straight to the point without diddle-daddling or stretching things out to earn some extra coinage.

Benjamin doesn’t spend much time on the issue, simply saying right at the start of the video…

“Hi everybody, I just got word from a YouTube insider that my channel will be deleted December 10th. It’s been a great run. 100 million hits. Ya know? Not exactly a lightweight. We did some stuff. We had a great run. You know, it’s not the end and the best is yet to come.”

Benjamin goes on to promote his other website, Unauthorized.tv.

He also promoted his UnbearableMerchandise.com website, which contains his merchandise and gear you can purchase.

You can also follow Owen Benjamin and check out his content over on his Bitchute channel.

This isn’t coming out of left field, though.

60 Minutes on CBS just recently ran a piece decrying YouTube’s lack of action in censoring speech that doesn’t align with the Left wing agenda.

BitChute and many others were quick to point out that it looked like this was setting up for yet another adpocalypse, only this time many channels would be purged and not just ad revenue.

To no one’s surprise, Left-wing peddlers of censorship and deplatforming were all-in on wanting to see more channels get purged from YouTube.

It’s not confirmed that Owen Benjamin will be removed from YouTube for not being politically correct enough, but we’ve seen this kind of posturing from YouTube before whenever the mainstream media had an issue with content on the platform. We’ll certainly find out on December 10th.

Also keep in mind that whistleblowers have previously exposed YouTube’s blacklists, so it wouldn’t be out of the blue that someone at YouTube who was privy to the purge decided to inform Benjamin beforehand so he could warn his fans.

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