Predator: Hunting Grounds Trailer Reveals Female Predator, Coming To Epic Games Store

Predator: Hunting Grounds is an upcoming asymmetrical multiplayer shooter that pits a group of players against one person assuming the role of a Predator. Well, come April 24th, 2020, and you will have the option to play as a female Predator and decapitate humans.

Well, it looks like Predator: Hunting Grounds isn’t a PS4 exclusive. Speaking of exclusivity and waiting, the Epic Games Store lists this game as a title coming to the anti-consumer outlet.

On the topic of anti-consumer, the latest trailer flexes weapon and Predator skins like there’s no tomorrow. First, there’s a pre-order bonus that grants Jesse Ventura’s “Ole Painless” GE M134 Minigun and the exclusive 1987 Predator skin. In other words, get ready for a slew of live-service content at launch.

Aside from that stuff, you can expect to split humans into two using the Smart Disc, severe their spines from their body, split skulls like coconuts, rip hearts out or stand over your prey with trophy in hand: a skull with its spine dangling.

Of course, though, it wouldn’t be current year without female inclusion. This means that you can assume the role of a female Predator as seen below:

“Predator: Hunting Grounds launches April 24, 2020 on PS4.


Play an asymmetrical multiplayer shooter that pits man against Predator. As part of a 4 person Fireteam, complete missions before the Predator finds you. Or be the Predator and hunt your prey.”

Moreover, folks on Xbox won’t be able to play this game since it looks like the publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment has a deal with the Epic Games store to ship this title on the same day as the PS4 version. This means that IllFonic and Sony wanted that sweet precious Epic money.

With all of that said, you can expect this game to drop across PC via the Epic Games Store and PS4 on April 24th, 2020.