Ride 4 Coming In 2020, Will Feature Dedicated Yamaha Content


The Gran Turismo of motorcycle racing games is getting a new sequel. Yes, Milestone announced that Ride 4 is coming to PC and home consoles at some point in 2020.

The Italian developer didn’t reveal much other than a teaser trailer for the fourth entry in the series, featuring nothing but the outline of a motorcycle and the Ride 4 logo.

You can check out the 25 second teaser below.

Weirdly, we didn’t receive a press release about it, but maybe they had plans on sending it Monday? Or, maybe they’re on Christmas break and didn’t get around to it?

In any case, they followed up the teaser trailer with a tweet on their official channel, revealing that the new game will feature all new Yamaha-dedicated content, and it will sport the most “realistic” racing physics the series has seen to date.

Hopefully they give console gamers the option to play at 60fps instead of 30fps.

My biggest gripe in the Ride 3 review was that the game completely changes between 30fps and 60fps. There’s a HUGE difference between the way the bikes handle due to the input lag present with the runtime being rendered at half the frames it should.

Thus, the PC version of Ride 3 is a completely different experience from what you get on the home consoles. The graphics are better, the frame-rate is better, and the handling of the bikes is completely altered, because you get more precision on the way the rider and the bike physically attack the turns.

In any case, we’ll likely get more details about Ride 4 heading into 2020. I’m also curious if this will be a cross-gen game for the Xbox One and PS4 as well as for Project Scarlett and the PS5 or if they will just stick to the eighth-gen consoles and PC?

(Thanks for the news tip LupinIII)

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