Tron: Evolution Becomes Unplayable Due To SecuROM DRM

Tron Evolution

Due to Disney not renewing their subscription to SecuROM for Tron: Evolution, the game is no longer playable, nor listed in the Steam store. If you already installed the game and have it updated and profile attached, you can still play it, but if you uninstalled it and plan to reinstall it, you won’t be able to play it.

The news was posted on the PC Gaming Wiki, where they revealed that users have been filling up the Steam forums with complaints about the game being unplayable. This comes after Disney delisted it from Steam back in April of 2019, as reported on the Tron FAQ site.

The problem is that the SecuROM subscription is no longer active, so the servers are no longer accepting user keys, which means that even people who legitimately pay for a copy on PC cannot play the game if they attempt to install it. SillyWalk posted a response from SecuROM who explained that it’s all Disney’s fault…

“Unfortunately, Disney decided not to use SecuROM any further. Please visit the officil support page via the following link:” […]


“You are right with your assumption [that subscriptions are paid for], we can’t run this service anymore for Disney titles, therefore all activations are denied. Best would be to contact Disney to get a refund for your purchase or convince them to release an unprotected version of the game.”

Other users who wanted to play the game again, either because they owned it and tried to reinstall it or just recently purchased a copy, proceeded to contact Disney about the issue, since it plagues both the digital and the physical retail copies of Tron: Evolution.

This was also covered across the YouTube spectrum, as outlined by rockingtheblade.

For the people who did reach out to Disney, they managed to get a response, surprisingly enough.

Steam user raidebaron posted up the message he received from Disney Games & Apps Support, who told him…

“Our team is aware that the activation site for this game is no longer live and has since been shut down. At this time, if the game was not already previously installed it will no longer be able to be launched. We are looking into this hiccup and hoping to patch this in the future. However, at this time we do not have any current estimated time on when this will be.”

What we don’t know is if that means the game will be patched to remove the DRM (which would be a true blessing for PC gamers) or if they mean they’ll patch it by including new kind of DRM (which would be absolutely abysmal and duly retarded on Disney’s end).

If you own the PS3 or Xbox 360 version of the game, you can still play it if you install it from the disc, so this is one of the few times where console gamers have the advantage over PC gamers.

In any case, you can’t play Tron: Evolution on PC anymore if you don’t already have it installed. This issue has been going on since mid-October of 2019, so months have passed and Disney still hasn’t fixed this issue.

Welcome to the all digital future. Scorn your stay.

(Thanks for the news tip Ebicentre and johntrine)

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