Ubisoft Wants Diversity And Cultural Ethnicity To Show Through Beyond Good And Evil 2’s Character Creator

Ubisoft has kept up radio silence on Beyond Good and Evil 2 for some time now. However, the company recently released a recap article that offers insight into the realm of the upcoming open-world action-adventure title standing to be a prequel to Beyond Good and Evil (2003). The new piece dives into a list of things like how the character creator will sport diversity and different cultural races.

Throughout the past years, and although some will argue that it has been present way before, the ramp-up of diversity in the games industry has increased, and it looks like Ubisoft wants to take advantage of this cultural change by implementing it into Beyond Good and Evil 2.

Over on beyondgoodandevil.ubisoft.com, we learn that the stream showcased a variety of possible pirate concepts, showing off a range of ethnicities and species, different cultural influences, and sci-fi touches
that include futuristic prosthetics and the like.

With all of that said, you can check out the video in question right here:

You can hear the developers talking more about diversity flowing from characters or pirates by watching part of the full Space Monkey Report 6# Livestream:

Aside from custom characters and diversity, the game itself is about making a name for yourself in a new era of piracy, exploring space, fighting in star-vessels in and out of orbit coupled with underground racing, and close-quarters third-person action.

If all of that sounds fun, the multiplayer game that is Beyond Good and Evil 2 has a single-player mode, but Ubisoft has noted that it will require a constant internet connection to play — even though the devs behind the game stated they didn’t want to force people into playing online.

Anyway, Beyond Good and Evil 2 will release on “many platforms” — according to director Michel Ancel. The exact date may not be a thing until sometime in 2020.

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