Vic Mignogna’s Appeal Moving Forward
Vic Mignogna Appeal

Vic Mignogna’s appeal is reportedly moving forward, or rather, it hasn’t been denied or dismissed. According to an update from Minnesota lawyer Nick Rekieta, Mignogna is moving forward with an appeal, and the defense have failed to dismiss Mignogna’s attempt to appeal.

The update rolled out over on the Rekieta Law YouTube channel on December 12th, 2019. You can view the video below.

The defense lawyer attempted to have Mignogna’s appeal dismissed, but the motion was denied.

This means that Mignogna is capable of moving forward with his appeal after the judge negligently dismissed the original case.

This infuriated the KickVic crowd, and now they’re targeting Rekieta… again.

Hero Hei covered the news in a video published on December 13th, 2019.

It was revealed that Mignogna had planned to appeal shortly after the initial decision on the case. In fact, just ten days after the judge passed down the final verdict where he threw out Mignogna’s claims of defamation and tortious interference by his former co-workers, the reports were already circulating that he was set to appeal.

All throughout the year, however, the KickVic crowd has been trying desperately to ruin the life of voice actor Vic Mignogna because he’s a Christian.

Mignogna’s co-workers fabricated the smears against him at the beginning of 2019 in order to get him fired, and it worked. He was not only fired by Funimation but also by Rooster Teeth.

However, Mignogna didn’t take the abuse lying down and fans came out in support of the veteran voice actor throughout the year for all of the conventions he attended and even supported his court case by contributing to the GoFundMe that Nick Rekieta had set up.

Now we have to wait to see how this whole appeals process unfolds and whether or not the voice of Broly can pull off an upset victory.


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