As Doctor Who Ratings Continue to Plummet Head Writer Says He Doesn’t Take Feedback

There is a point to be made about the consumerist culture that is strangling the west to death. You have people who know a show is otherwise bad, complain about the direction incessantly and then with each new episode will tune in because “maybe it will get better”.

Look you’re giving them money while demonstrating you’re going nowhere. What incentive does the company have in attempting to cater to you as a demographic when no matter what they do they’re going to make money off you? Fortunately not everyone is a vapid consumer as We Got This Covered reports 300,000 viewers dropped off following what was one of the lowest rated episodes in the Doctor Who series’ history, titled “Spyfall.” The episode debuted to a measly 4.9 million views.

Given the rating’s trajectory the last season saw combined with this new data the show isn’t looking to have a bright future ahead of it, so this is the time when the creative leads should be taking a step back, finding out what consumers are enjoying and what they’re not. Then go about making the appropriate changes. One doesn’t need to sacrifice their creative freedom in doing this, just explore other ideas based upon what viewers are saying about the show, while tweaking characters and dialog here and there.

This normally is what happens, but Chris Chibnall  the Woke Master revealed in an interview with Who Magazine that he doesn’t take any feedback whatsoever.

I’m not on social media, I don’t read press coverage and I don’t read reviews

The one thing you can say about every series of Doctor Who that’s ever been made is that some people liked it, some people didn’t. That will be true forever.


What you have to do is make the show you believe in, hope that it connects, then go home. If we allow other things in then we’re not making our vision.


In terms of external opinions, it’s not a democracy. We make the show we want to make.

Without a doubt some of the best movies, television, and even anime occurred when creative leads were left to their own devices because the producers lost all faith in the project and only cared about recouping whatever costs they could. Chibnall by no means is one of those people you let do what they want.

Make no mistake this show survives purely on the Doctor. Who name. Were this some Dr. Who copy, like Orville is to Star Trek, a second season would never have happened, there would be no Spyfall nor female “upgrade” rhetoric to make fans wince and tune out.

BBC is a government ran industry so they are shielded from their own decisions and failures, but one has to wonder how the toy manufactures and Warner Brothers who picked the show up for a run on HBO Max feel about the show runner boasting how he doesn’t want to make his show watchable.