Doom: Eternal Gameplay Surfaces Showing Cut-Scenes And Gameplay

If you are repulsed by Doom: Eternal or intrigued by it, Bethesda has invited several YouTubers out to its headquarters to playtest the forthcoming first-person shooter. However, footage from the playtest event contains spoilers and other key moments that will appear at launch when it hits PC and home consoles.

Bethesda is no stranger to controversy and has turned-off quite a bit of people due to business practices that span from paid mods, paid mods 2.0 via the Creation Club, Fallout 76 and all of its problems, and then some.

Contrary to the above, if you are looking forward to Doom: Eternal despite Bethesda’s flaws, you can check out a portion of gameplay footage from YouTuber MKIceAndFire that features no commentary:

Bethesda also invited YouTuber GmanLives to participate in the Doom: Eternal playtest, but unlike the above video you can hear his thoughts on the game and its features:

Known as the EA and DICE shill, Jackfrags has more gameplay footage up showing off the first-person shooter about one man vs. hell. Like the other two videos, you can check out what the March due game has to offer right here:

Nevertheless, GmanLives and Jackfrags aren’t the only ones boasting about the game, though. According to id Software’s lead engine programmer, Billy Khan, he recently took to Twitter to speak on his team’s behalf to say that the upcoming FPS title is “id Software’s best game ever.”

While we wait to see if the old trick in the book — to brag about a working title that’s not available yet — pans out, which I have doubts, Bethesda plans on shipping Doom: Eternal for PC across Steam and the Bethesda client.

Speaking of platforms and release dates, Doom: Eternal will hit PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Stadia on March 20th, 2020. The Switch version is due out later this year.

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